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Robert Piporan

Hello, my name is Robert M. Piporan, I am 43 years old, and I am father of a beautiful 10 years old daughter. I am an expat, Romanian living in Berlin, Germany.

I am a generous, creative, expressive, intuitive, communicative and open-minded person, and I am doing my best to live a full and authentic life.
In 2003 I have graduated the University of Psychology in Bucharest Romania, Bachelor in Social Psychology and Pedagogy, and most recently I went deeper with my studies as a certified Transformational Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) practitioner and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) practitioner, thus following my most sincere desire to help people become aware of their own limiting beliefs and to facilitate change.

I put my expertise and all of my long life gained insights at your disposal, as you are ready to look objectively inward and take the necessary actions to confidently step into your own life, with responsibility and with strength. It is a process in which I shall gladly accompany you with understanding and professionalism, with care and compassion.

My specific approach is grounded in CBT and NLP, by using tools and techniques that are easy, relatable and real-life applicable. 

We are going to discover together which tools are suitable for you, and we are going to use techniques such as: Cognitive restructuring, Guided Discovery, Journaling, Role Playing, Relaxation, Future Time Pacing, Activity Scheduling, and many more, following what works best for you and focusing on getting measurable and sustainable positive results.
Before you heal someone,
ask him if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick.
– Hippocrates

Your benefits...

Our professional relationship is a goal-oriented and solution-focused approach, which has at its center the client, you.

You will decide which aspects of your life represent a priority for you, and who you want to be at the end of your journey, upon accomplishing your goals.

What you must bring to our sessions:

Have an open mind.
Be authentic.
Be present and on time.
Do your "homework" and apply our agreed action steps.
Be willing to change.

What I will bring to our sessions:

Tools and techniques you can apply in your life immediately.
Openness and understanding.
Guided processes and actionable frameworks for you to adapt, adhere and include into your life.
Professionalism, authenticity and reliability.

What you will get out of our  sessions

Clarity on who you are not, who you are now and who you can become.
Accountability of your own actions and decisions.
A clear vision of your ideal-self and a strategy to get there.
Clarity why you want what you want, and how to align your inner core values with your life path.

Consulting packages.

Take control of your life by taking control of your actions, decisions and learn how to create new results.

Exploratory Session

Spend one dedicated hour with me to get to know each other, see if we are a good fit and find out which areas of your life need transformation.


per session. 1 hour.
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Transformational Life Session Pay-as-You-Go

Spend one dedicated hour with me to identify your sticking points and create actionable solutions to overcome them.


per session. 1 hour.
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Breakthrough Transformational Life Session

One intense dedicated hour with me to achieve a transformational breakthrough.


per session. 3+ hours.
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Multi Level Mastery Synergistic Action Plan

Over the course of 2 months and 6 sessions you take ownership and transform your life in an accountable and sustainable way.


6 sessions within 2 months.
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What clients say.

  • ” I really feel empowered after this session. I’ve even noticed a difference in my response to things today. I love how fast the changes are taking place.”

    -Essence T.
  • ” I really enjoyed our conversation. He is so easy to talk to and very insightful. Definitely good at what he does. Highly highly recommend”

    -Shaminique W.
  • ” Thoughtful and powerful. Robert gives good, practical hands-on advice!”

    - Fabian A.
  • ” The first session was free- and I was very pleased where this is going, we talked about my problem, and he gave me an exercise to help fix it. I look forward to our next session!”

    -Adam A

My Blog.

Read about my thoughts on interesting and challenging topics.
When is time to let go ?

When is time to let go ?

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Is depression knocking on your door ?

The first step is to recognize that we are in a slump. It takes a bit of self-awareness, and you realizing that you are not in your best head/heart space. Here are a few very simple and relatable daily tools that I am going to suggest you add to your toolbox.

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You are the missing ingredient. Action is the key to moving forward!

You see, action has a totally different frequency than wishes, dreams and all other though processes. Action is raw, primal, effective. It requires for the energy to be expressed into the psychical world. Without excuses, without intermediaries, without delay.

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Can we escape our negative behaviors ?

Have you ever noticed how the conflict rises up as your thoughts are conflicting the deeply embedded beliefs that you have accepted throughout your life? What can be done for us to start inviting more congruence between our minds and our emotions that hold us captive in our bodies ? Can we find a way […]

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Active Awareness Journey

This is to bring balance, to relax you, to smooth the way for you to get inspired, to open a communication channel between your mind, your body and your heart. This is your time, this is your space, this is your choice to make. All you need is to be present in the moment, self-aware and attentive to your body sensations, as well as the thought passing through your mind.

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What do I want?...

So we continue to play down our dreams, we start convincing ourselves that our dreams are not really that important, that we should focus on more realistic or achievable ones. This is also good for our sense of self-worth. It is a protection mechanism that protects or fragile Ego from being confronted with disappointment. We must also understand that this brings us nothing, except for the same old circumstances that we are claiming that we want to escape. But do we? Do we really ?

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Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) ?

Well, I find this to be a very good question. Why CBT? What makes CBT a good fit for most of us? I will start with a few words i found by doing a simple Google search. Here are 2 of the most comprehensive answers that I was able to find: ‘‘Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is […]

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On each today we are building our tomorrows.

Change is a universal constant, and a hard one to absorb and digest within ourselves.

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How safe are we from our own emotions?

Which are the socially admissible limits in between we are allowed to display emotion?How dangerous are emotions in today’s world?Are we even equipped to deal with emotions anymore? Can we understand their role in today’s society? Do we even respond to nuances or just to the big 5, fear, excitement, hate, anger and disgust. De […]

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If there is no struggle, there is no progress.
- Frederick Douglass

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- Robert
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