Can we escape our negative behaviors ?

Have you ever noticed how the conflict rises up as your thoughts are conflicting the deeply embedded beliefs that you have accepted throughout your life? What can be done for us to start inviting more congruence between our minds and our emotions that hold us captive in our bodies ?

Can we find a way to escape the self-sabotaging thoughts?

Can we break the habit of being ourselves ?

It all begins with becoming aware. We cannot be taken by surprise if we are in control of our own thoughts and the emotions that are being triggered.

I have written in the past about different techniques that we can adopt into our lives that encourage us to take control of our own thought patterns and the behaviors that are exposing that part of ourselves that sometimes we shame and want to hide. That side of us that does not pay any compliments to what we aspire to become, the part that it drags us down by forcing the subconscious to take control and deal with the situation, instead of logically, empathetically and rationally tackle the issue at hand and take responsible and fact based decisions.

Today I will suggest a very powerful combination that I hope it will also help you to increase your awareness and to regain control of your thoughts and emotions.

Anchor + Breath > Awareness

Create your own Anchor. I have written about this in my previous articles, so here I will only offer a summary guide:

  1. Relax your body/mind. Close your eyes and go within. Focus on your breath.
  2. Get into a safe place, relive a pleasant memory, a vivid memory, make it as real as possible until you can identify the feeling that is attached to the memory. Make sure is a good, positive one. Lock that in. Thank will serve as your anchor.
  3. Lock in the anchor by performing a gentle, subtle gesture that accompanies the positive feeling. It might be discreetly rubbing your wrist watch, or your thumb and index fingers, or discreetly play with your favorite pen, or your key chain; something that you can do on a regular basis, whenever needed.

After creating and locking your Anchor, it is time to find your breath. It can be any of the combinations that you find the most relalxing, comfortable and also sustainable.

Find your breath:
The Trialgle Breath is recommended to invite awareness. You can start exploring with the 3-3-3, 4-4-4, 5-5-5 and 6-6-6. This means 3 seconds Inhale – 3 seconds Hold – 3 Seconds Exhale.

You may discover that mornings your preferred model might be 4-4-4 while evenings you might prefer the 6-6-6 model. The idea is to explore and find your own model without forcing or complicating the process. After you have found your comfortable and sustainable breathing tempo, you are ready to combine the 2, the Anchor and the Breathing technique.(you may create and lock multiple

Anchors with different locks, one to express gratitude, one to express joy, one for excitement, and so on…)

For the sole purpose of inviting and sustaining awareness, I suggest you use just one combination between the 2. To ensure success the idea is to do it 2 times each day, starting with 1 minute and then sustaining for up to 10 minutes at one time.

After a period of 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your rigourosity and persistence this will become automatic, the Anchor and the Breathing will help you to trigger and sustain awareness presence for you to navigate your conscious thoughts, to become more than just a witness, but rather a collaborator in creating your own reality. This is achieved by
engaging with your thought process and thus altering your automated response, the behavior that was embedded into your subconscious mind-body. The best way to test this is to perform the technique whenever you find yourself in a conflictual situation, that you are unsure how to navigate.

How does this actually work? When you become aware, you gain control over your thoughts, and over your behavior that might sprung out of that thought pattern. This means that you get to take corrective measures, to fine tune the though, to take more aspects intro consideration, to cool down as it were, and not jump into acting out on your initial
though, as it triggers your behavior.

Our behaviors are mostly automated responses to thought patterns. If we perceive fear, our heart races, we tend to avoid and run from the challenging situation. Until we become aware of our default response to a set of stimuli, we cannot change it.

As I meant this to be a short guide to increase our awareness perception level, I will not further exploit the idea at this time, and I leave you with this technique that I hope you will find helpful is assisting you to regain control of your thoughts and actions.

Remember… Anchor + Breath > Awareness

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