Full Body Power Pose Guided Exercise


  • Guided Self-Help Exercise
  • Full Body Power Pose and Full Body Anchoring
  • Triggering a desired response: feeling in control, feeling powerful, loved, appreciated.
  • Theta Waves Background, for a deeper and better relaxation process.
  • Relaxing Ocean Waves Background
  • Format MP3, length 08:59 minutes



This guided exercise is meant to assist you in discovering and using your own body power pose, as a full body anchor, triggering all the emotions you may require in dealing with a certain challenging situation in your life.

Many Neuro linguistic programing techniques are using triggers such as colors, discrete gestures such as tapping or humming, but this time I am proposing a full body anchor, that first needs to be allowed to become into you, as you let your consciousness being flooded with the positive memories, emotions and feeling that are being linked to your own, unique person.

After allowing yourself to experience the feelings of being powerful, in control, appreciated, loved, respected, liked... whatever it might be for you, the next step is to allow your body to match that emotion, to mirror it. Allow it to become one with the feeling, and when you have it, when you feel ready... lock it down, by taking a mental picture of your body position, as well as all the parts: you may want to offer some attention to the position of your chin, your chest, your belly, your hands, the stance of your your feet, the muscles of your face, your forehead...all what draws your attention.

I used what is considered to be a relaxing waves sound background as well as Theta Waves, for a deeper and better relaxation process.


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