Guided Meditation 2xDeep: Miracle Ordering Process


  • Guided Meditation
  • 2 Deepener and Relaxation Techniques: Counting and Stairs
  • Subliminal Anchor used as trigger: color Red
  • Multiple relaxation triggers and activators used for ensuring the best possible results
  • NO Background Music
  • Format MP3, length 16 minutes

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This is a 2*deep guided meditation with a clear purpose to access your inner healing resources, to overcome limiting beliefs, to encourage free self-expression and to invite positive and long lasting change. I used 2 deepeners and multiple triggers and activators during the recording.

It is not a hypnosis, it may induce a trance like state, but you are at any time in control, you can decide to accept or not to accept the affirmations, you can open your eyes and become fully aware at any time, as you wish. The process works best of you do not overanalyze, and if you repeat it at least 7 times over one month period.

This material is thought to provide you support in your continuous work toward achieving your dreams, overcoming your limiting beliefs and becoming all you can be, all you want and you know you deserve.



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