Guided Meditation: Power Pose - Future Pacing & Visualization Process


  • Standing up Guided Meditation
  • Purpose: Reality Perception and Beliefs Change and Healing Visualization Process
  • Deepener for Relaxation: Counting down
  • NLP Framing Technique + Alpha State Future Pacing Visualization  (+Eye Movement)
  • Multiple relaxation triggers and activators used for ensuring the best possible results
  • Theta Brainwaves Background
  • Format MP3, length 16:39


Please, do not listen to this material while operating any machinery, driving or while your full awareness and attention is being required. Please use this while being in a safe and comfortable environment, at your own discretion.

This is a 2 step deepening guided meditation with a clear purpose to access your inner healing resources, to overcome limiting beliefs, to encourage free self-expression and to invite positive and long lasting change. You will notice that I changed at some point to first present tense, to help you envision the process from your own perspective.


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