You are the missing ingredient. Action is the key to moving forward!

    I have devoured so much material, I have watched so many videos, I have read so many books… all about self-development, growth, spiritual expansion… all promised to deliver and all fell short in front of the task.

Personal mantras, self-hypnosis, vision board, visualizations, unclutter, meditation… I have tried them all.

      There is no book, no video, no magic formula. There is just you and your life, your own choices, your thoughts and experiences… you are the only ingredient needed for the magic to work.

      There was a missing component,  a part of my brain that was making sure to preserve the status quo. I have dwelled in procrastination. I had justification for it all, my mind made sure of that.

The missing component was taking action. Not to read one more book , to watch one more inspirational video, to attend one more seminar, webinar or course… time for learning, although never really over, has to leave way for action.  

      Wanting it is not enough. Perpetually preparing for it is also not enough. Hoping, believing or whatever thought energy you want to attribute to it, it is just not enough. Is as if you are cooking a soup with no heating source.

Action is the fire.

Taking action. Moving each day towards achieving your goal. One small step today, and is still one step closer than you were yesterday. 1% better today, and you still are 1% better than you were yesterday.

      You see, action has a totally different frequency than wishes, dreams and all other though processes. Action is raw, primal, effective. It requires for the energy to be expressed into the psychical world. Without excuses, without intermediaries, without delay. 

It changes the frequency from ‘’wanting to manifest’’ into ‘’acting towards manifesting’’.

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