On each today we are building our tomorrows.

Most of the times we are doing it unconsciously, responding to life as it happens to us.

We believe that we are in control, this is the beauty of our mind, pepping our back for a job well done even when all it does is trying to keep us from harm’s way, preserving the status quo. We perpetuate the illusion that our thoughts and actions had real meaning in shaping our tomorrow.

Change is a universal constant, and a hard one to absorb and digest within ourselves. Change of position, of speed, of perception, of opinions, thoughts, … (change is always expressing itself, as a variation of the initial point of observation) and we cannot experiment life as it flows through us without experiencing change. The best thing that we can do, is to learn how to influence this change, as ‘control’ is an overstatement.  

The funny little thing is that I believe we all know what we should do, what we could do… but it is not easy, it requires time and effort, it requires for us to face our fears… and I mean those fears that sometimes we do such a good job in hiding them even from our own consciousness. It means that we expose ourselves to being judged, to failure and to the gutter. Or so we fear.

Nothing great, nothing, nothing worthwhile came from hiding from ourselves, from fearing change, from embracing submission to ‘fate’.

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