Body Scanning Relaxation & Awareness Exercise


  • Guided Awareness Increase Exercise
  • Guided Breathing Triangle Exercise with Muscle tension awareness
  • Theta Waves Background, for a deeper and better relaxation process
  • Relaxing¬† Background Music
  • Format MP3, length 16 minutes


The exercise is simple, we are going to be using the triangle breath, 4-4-4, so we breathe in for 4 seconds, 4 seconds holding the breath and 4 seconds breathe out.

We will combine the breathing with a muscle / body part stretching and relaxation, on a breath in: you will tense the muscle / body part, then you hold the breath and the mild tension and on breathe out: you will relax that muscle, you let go and relax even deeper.

I used Theta Waves on top of the background recorded music for a deeper and better relaxation process.


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